Twig and the Squirrel Food Fight (working title!)


Welcome to Magpie’s Nest. My name is Twig Magpie and the Nest is my and my father’s general store that we run together in Birchwood Grove. While the Nest is my main job, I also help acquire things for the other faeries here in the grove and on occasion creatures in the other parts of Cassari as well as help keep an eye on some of the smaller critters that inhabit the trees, bushes, and dens around our store.

This particular day, Dad and I were doing inventory of the shop as we had just got new things in to start preparing for Autumn. Due to all the trees clustered around our store, it’s normal to hear pine-cones and nuts hitting the roof and some scrabbling noises as the squirrels, chipmunks, and birds move about. Today it was extra noisy. There was a lot more thumping, scratching, & chittering going on, so I went outside to investigate. As I opened the door, two squirrels came flying through it, chased each other through the store, ran over the counter where my dad had papers, then came flying back out the door, knocking me into a spin, and around the building.

HEY! What!? WHOA!” I grabbed on to the door frame to settle myself, then landed and decided to walk around the store so I didn’t get knocked loopy again.


As I rounded the corner, I saw nothing but chaos. Four squirrels were running around chasing and snipping at each other. Two of them came flying by again and apparently went back through the store because I heard my dad yelling. Now, if you know my dad, that isn’t something he does normally, so if you hear it, stay away!

Anyway, I walked over to where the other two were standing face-to-face snipping and chittering angrily at each other.

WHAT is going on here!?” The two of them stopped and looked up at me, and started chittering at me rapidly.

Wait, WAIT! I can’t understand you when you’re both yelling. ONE at a time and slowly please! I’m not a druid ya know!” I chastised.

They both got quiet and looked guilty then Gnash started explaining to me what was going on. As I only know very little squirrel, I only managed to grasp that Barks and Snappy, the two squirrels that kept running into the store, started all of this. I held up a hand.

Ok stop. I need to get Ronar and Raine here so they can find out what’s fully going on here and straighten out whatever mess has been caused by those two.” I started to fly off then turned and looked at Puck. “Can you try and not disturb my dad while I go get them? And try and calm the other two down while you’re at it!”

I reached the Rainbow Care Clinic in rapid time and found Ronar, our head druid, and Raine, the owner of the clinic talking with our newest druid, Badger Darkwillow. I flew up to them so fast, I managed to startle Raine so much he fell backwards into the small pool they had set up for the animals to enjoy during the Summer.


Glaring up at me as he stood up and flicked his wings dry, “I really hope this is an emergency Twig!”

I’m so sorry Raine but it is! Gnash, Puck, Barks, and Snappy are causing utter chaos around our store! They’re chasing each other around, chittering and snipping at each other, nuts, berries, and pine-cones are flying everywhere! I tried to get Gnash to explain, but uhh..I don’t understand squirrel as much as you all do even though I’ve tried to learn! All I got was that Barks and Snappy started this whole thing but I’m not sure over what. Dad and I are trying to do inventory but can’t with all that ruckus! Please come help!?” I begged.

Raine laughed a bit and shook his head as he looked over at Ronar and Badger. “Let’s go help before Mr. Magpie gets all bent out of shape and our supplies never get sorted. BUT!” He turns back to me. “You have to promise that you will start lessons with me or Badger to learn squirrel. We can’t come help you all the time with Harvest and Winter coming.”

Yes yes. Alright I promise! Can we please hurry!?”

The three laughed and flew back to the store with me. When we got there, it was worse than when I had left. The inside of the store was a shambles and now ALL four of the squirrels’ families were out and adding to the chaos.

The druids and Raine went right to work. Ronar and Badger turned into squirrels and started corralling the crazy squirrels around Raine. Raine talked to all of the squirrels as they were sent to him trying to calm them. After a couple of hours, when they had everyone together, and had managed to calm them down, Ronar and Badger turned back into fairy form. We all formed a circle around them and Ronar looked at Gnash and asked him to explain what has been going on.

Since I couldn’t understand them, Badger translated for me while Ronar did all the questioning.

According to Gnash, they have all started to collect their hidden nuts and berries as Autumn will be upon us soon. Barks and Snappy decided to steal ALL of the food they found instead of just going to their own hidden spots.”

Well no wonder everyone is so angry!” I yelled, glaring at Barks and Snappy who were sitting apart from everyone as everyone was angry the most at them.

Barks and Snappy! You should be ashamed of yourselves! You know better than to steal other creatures’ food! If you all planned well, which I am sure you ALL did, you will all have plenty for each of your families.”Ronar said in his soft voice that was tinged with irritation.

Besides, you know none of us here in the Grove would let any of you go hungry!” Raine added.

I know I haven’t been here very long, but goodness gracious! I heard you squirrels all got along and then you go and pull this! Not a very good first impression there young-ones.” Badger shook his head at them.

The two squirrels hung their heads while the three chewed them out mumbling apologies.

We spent the next couple of hours trying to figure out which food/hiding places belonged to who and getting everyone sorted and sent home except Barks and Snappy. They were made to go into the store and help clean up the mess they had made!

Once the squirrels all went home and the store was fixed up again, me and the guys sat down and had dinner together and I got to know a bit more about Badger.

So that was my crazy day with the squirrels! I hope you enjoyed this story and will continue to read everyone else’s adventures in the Grove!


**Pictures taken from Pixabay (free usage) or ©SacredCrowStudios (my photography) **


2 thoughts on “Twig and the Squirrel Food Fight (working title!)

  1. Yikes! Barks and Snappy sound like they are a handful! Poor Twig. I’m glad he was able to get help. Hopefully, things will be quieter around the store now. I wonder what mischief the squirrels might get up to next.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Who knows with them but I’m sure this is NOT the last we’ll hear from any of them lol! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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